Crewe alexandra 1-0 Port Vale (winning goal, mental fans)

By , May 6, 2011 11:14 am

Crewe Alex Movie Score: five / 5

6 Responses to “Crewe alexandra 1-0 Port Vale (winning goal, mental fans)”

  1. calvinzolamike says:

    Absolutley Brillaint away day! <3

  2. calvinzolamike says:

    @VerboseThread Waheeeyyy wankerrrr! 1-0! to the railwaymen! clayhead cunts!

  3. kafcj says:

    5 days ago ur all childish fuckers, i did the ” we’r better than u ner ner” 25 yrs ago when was in infants school, GROW UP!! ur arguin over a bunch of men who couldnt give a toss bout u as long as they get ur money off u 4 wages, they sit in there nice cars n drive away while u kick hell out of each other over them, cant u see they are laughin at u! its them singin ” who the fuckin hell are u” 2 all u!!

  4. VerboseThread says:

    Cheating trainspotting cunts.

  5. haywoodbadman10 says:

    the penalty was awsome, it was to bad i wasnt in the away side, i was stuck in the directors box. we are going up the league now, i think with miller and our improving defence we could still reach the play offs

  6. archums101 says:

    bum me shaun