Steve Davis reckons his squad is too short

By , September 23, 2016 7:48 am

Steve Davis reckons his squad is too short to go through the first half of the season, but, he can’t elongate it even though he wants to because he used everything he had in the kitty in buying a couple of attackers first up.

According to the player turned coach, signings can’t be thought of unless his kitty is filled with some cash again and it would happen only if his discards depart.

Speaking yesterday, Davis said, “If I have to be honest with you, I would say no I am not happy with the number of players we have got. We definitely don’t have as many players as we should have, but, what to do?”

“A club might be big or might have the top class facilities, but, it all comes down to cash, doesn’t it? To make the recruitments of quality Footballers, you need to be having adequate cash. The facilities and all are irrelevant with regard to that.”

“And is there any cash in hand at the moment for us? No, because whatever the budget was, the majority of it was taken by the first two signings which obviously are fantastic signings and are already showing their worth, but, we do know for sure that by emptying almost the whole bag in the beginning itself, we have put ourselves in a slightly risky situation till the winters as there is not enough back-up.”

“We will have to see if we can have some of the guys who are not the likeliest to feature at any stage this summer leaving the club because if it happens, it will generate some cash enabling us to get whatever little we can from the market, maybe to loan a couple in or whatever.”

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