Standing Together – Crewe Alex

By , August 20, 2013 10:22 am

Crewe Alex Video Score: 5 / five

20 Responses to “Standing Together – Crewe Alex”

  1. killercodguy says:

    Amazing´╗┐ song ­čÖé

  2. Adam Clawley says:

    We’re going to Wembley´╗┐ again! WEMBERLYYYYY

  3. MrHowarth1983 says:

    cheers´╗┐ mate (although i had nothing to do with it haha)

  4. geraint phillips says:

    great song from a Cardiff´╗┐ city supporter

  5. TheBigMallo says:

    i agree…maybe not the cumming on lads bit´╗┐ though.

  6. LifeSpawnShaft says:

    he wont be missed. WEVE GOT POGBA´╗┐ AND CLAYTON NOW!!!!!!

  7. Matthew Gordon says:

    Just an incredible finish by´╗┐ powell at wembley! He shall be missed

  8. Adam Clawley says:

    We’ve done it! Bringing on´╗┐ back the good times!

  9. Helge Gjerstad says:

    One more´╗┐ day!!! #WEMBLEY

  10. thecampervanman says:

    We’re the railwaymen!!!!´╗┐

  11. pisswobble says:

    What a cracking song! Who needs them overpaid knobends in the´╗┐ premiership when you’ve got Crewe, cum on lads make us all proud!

  12. haywoodbadman10 says:


  13. Helge Gjerstad says:

    Neil´╗┐ Baker #Legend

  14. Al1980Ash says:

    Greatest footy song!!! Alex til I´╗┐ die!

  15. jimbobmillscafc says:

    Standing together. Loving it´╗┐ has at long last appeared on YouTube. Always makes me laugh. Whoever wrote it deserves a medal, surely?

  16. Neil Dobson says:

    In´╗┐ the mood for a great 1st leg play off win now.

  17. Barry Gibson says:

    Come on Crewe make us proud of you´╗┐ .

  18. MrHowarth1983 says:

    Haha´╗┐ yeh I always loved that someone snuck in the pic!

  19. bobbybirchall says:

    Loving this, made me giggle´╗┐ to see myself on the cover photo too! Alex til I die!

  20. thecampervanman says:

    Go on´╗┐ Crewe!!!