Silkmen Ultras Taking Over Crewe

By , November 11, 2012 12:28 am

Crewe Alex Movie Score: four / five

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  1. TheNytstalker says:

    Ah well , enjoy BSP hope´╗┐ you come back up tbf , We will be battling in league 1 and hopefully we will stay up , if not i would like a cheshire derby back ­čÖé

  2. TheNytstalker says:

    btw i saw macc loose to nantwich , you guys must´╗┐ be abit worried about this coming season?

  3. hoveringtub27 says:

    Because i have not been on youtube for the last´╗┐ 2 days.

    Anyway we have been fighting against the odds for the last 15 years with hardly any money. With the money Crewe have available you should not have been in League 2 last season, or ever.

    And maybe are lack of fan base has something to do with the fact we are a little town near Manchester. So most people from Macclesfield chose to support City or United over supporting their local team.

    Crewe don’t have any of these problems.

  4. TheNytstalker says:

    The population of Macclesfield on January 1st 2011 is´╗┐ approximately 51,049.
    The population of Crewe on January 1st 2011 is´╗┐ approximately 67,943
    The population of the area´╗┐ of Macclesfield is´╗┐ approximately 145,595
    The population of the area of Crewe and Nantwich district 99,495

    parden about crewe being a bigger place?

  5. TheNytstalker says:

    The population of Macclesfield on January 1st 2011 is approximately 51,049.
    The population of Crewe on January 1st 2011 is approximately 67,943
    not alot of difference really. alas i dont have a problem with macc its just when silk fans claim they will “take a town” and “1500” etc etc that annoys me´╗┐ and the speeches from macc fans ,fighting against all the odds etc etc , no” -.- just stop crying a river. Good luck in the BSP however , always enjoyed travelling to your place! will miss it

  6. superdan567 says:


  7. hoveringtub27 says:

    For the last 15 years we have been fighting against all the odds to stay in league 2 with the smallest fan base and the smallest budget.

    Crewe however are´╗┐ seen as a much bigger club and should really be in league 1 or championship unlike last season. Also Crewe is a much bigger place than Macclesfield.

    That is why you lot have a bigger fan base so no point saying anything bad about are fan base. We are too small a club for league 2 so i think we have done pretty well throughout the years.

  8. TheNytstalker says:

    ive just looked up , macc have never taken more than 900 to a LEAGUE game before i doubt youd take 1500 to us , ever you dont even get that many home fans!´╗┐ , and we took 1800 2 seasons ago 900 last season and 1600 this season to your place, so its not all about the playoff factor though i admit that helped ­čÖé

  9. hoveringtub27 says:

    cup final???

    And the reason you took 1619 to the Moss Rose was because you were in´╗┐ the play offs position. If we played you in March April sort of time at your ground and in the play offs position we would have taken around 1500 as well.

  10. TheNytstalker says:

    im sorry but´╗┐ you took 450 to your cup final. poor effort , we took 1619 to your place :/

  11. salvador6666 says:
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  12. JonnyM120 says:


  13. hoveringtub27 says:

    Fucking quality day out. Great game and well worth´╗┐ the short trip.

  14. macctown24 says:

    Great day´╗┐ out that was.


  15. superdan567 says:

    We took over Crewe that day!!!´╗┐