Jason “Aussie Keeper” Kearton. Crewe Alexandra vs Blackburn Rovers.

By , May 25, 2011 7:02 am

Crewe Alex Movie Score: 4 / 5

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  1. 1975eloise says:

    awesome,been suppprting the alex a long time but this is the best ever..nothing to beat jjk,best goalkeeping performance i have ever seen..you may have had jack walkrr..but money doesnt buy you class

  2. 1975eloise says:

    awesome,jk is a legend,best goalkeeping i have seen for the alex in the 20 years i have followed them

  3. 1975eloise says:

    remember this very well,aussie keeper an absolute legend, i have been supporting crewe for nearly 20 years but never seen a goalkeeping display as good as this,was there at the time and couldnt believe we beat blackburn and jack walkers millions..wish it was still that way now!

  4. slouchpcs72 says:

    The best performance i’v seen by a Crewe keeper…and i was at Bury in ’89 when Dean Greygoose kept a clean sheet playing with a broken finger!!!

  5. georgidw says:

    brilliant, kearton u legend!

  6. neilwaino67 says:

    when big cramb scored it was amazing!

  7. houghmartin says:

    as someone who was at the game (with the Crewe fans in the away end) it still ranks as one of my best ever days as a Crewe fan. The feeling when Cramby scored after all Jason’s heroics was fantastic!

  8. LehmannDaHero says:


  9. harrysboy says:

    I put Kearton’s name in hoping for this clip to be on here as I remember it well. I don’t think I’ve seen a goalkeeper make so many world class saves in one game, he was virtually playing by himself, I think the best save was the one in the 2nd half when he clawed it from behind himself off the header..

  10. stueymc77 says:

    i remember watching this on telly. I have never seen a goalkeeper performance like this before. Kearton single-handedly kept Blackburn out. And when Cramb went up the other end with about 15 mins to go and netted it was absolutly brilliant. What made it even better was the fact that one of the ‘experts’ in the Sky studio before the game said, and i quote “Blackburn WILL win today, no doubt about it”. PMSL

  11. carrasco says:


  12. elworthfoxed says:

    nice one,should be on sky sports classics

  13. Astley says:

    best keeper performance ever