James Collins wants Crewe Alexandra to become pass masters

By , July 23, 2015 11:49 am

James Collins is the man who has been in charge of the youth academy team of Crewe Alexandra and the experienced tactician is considered to be one of the most qualified coaches in the entire game as he received an Elite badge course from UEFA.

The influence that Collins has had with the club has been so significant that he will now be working alongside the head coach of Crewe Alexandra, Steve Davies in a more personal way than ever before.

The responsibilities of James Collins will be bigger but the head chiefs of the club are certain that he will be able to do everything in his new managerial role at Crewe Alexandra.

Crewe Alexandra’s James Collins spoke about his new role in the club as he said: “I’ve spoken to the chairman and I’ve spoken to Steve and they want me to get a little bit closer to the first team and a little bit further away from the academy. It’s very hard to juggle the job I’ve stumbled on this year, trying to head up the academy with Dario Gradi but also working with the first team.’’
One of the things that James Collins is planning to do at the club is to help establish a different playing style that will allow the players on the team on keeping control of the ball and at the same time maintaining a stamina level where the squad can play at a high level throughout an entire match.

Collins added on: “The manager has really focused on that area, the need to improve our fitness and stamina levels. I also think that if you keep the ball better you don’t have to chase around quite so much.’’

Trying to implement all of these changes will be a challenge not only for James Collins but also for the squad in itself but everyone around the club remains optimistic that it can and will be done.

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