Gresty Road, Crewe Alexandra 1979

By , July 4, 2011 12:12 am

Crewe Alex Movie Rating: 4 / five

11 Responses to “Gresty Road, Crewe Alexandra 1979”

  1. haywoodbadman10 says:

    can’t believe how much it’s changed i think it’s mainly due to the new stand that opened in 2000! it totally changed the ground!!

  2. crewealexboy says:

    @LehmannDaHero lol

  3. ifyouwantblood100 says:

    Nice vid. I miss the old grounds. Those were the days…..

  4. LehmannDaHero says:

    Wow… ive been to Gretsy Road before and I live in Singapore! Its a cold stadium btw…

  5. burnleyfan11965 says:

    when football belonged to the fans

  6. ewanycfc says:

    my dad used t support crewe

  7. LEEDSmix says:

    Nice vid, respect from a Leeds fan.

  8. townhillred says:

    What happened to John Fleet the old kit man?

  9. deltechcomputers says:

    Message for Stuart….. thanks for bringing this clip to my notice. I was nearly crying in my cornflakes this morning. (or should that be MORNflakes?). Cheers, Dec…..

  10. elworthfoxed says:

    ah the delights of the old railway end and the popside thanks for uploading

  11. 02baldwincc says:

    bring back terraces