David Artell comments on Crewe Alexandra

By , May 9, 2017 4:33 am

David Artell doesn’t think that there is no reason for Crewe Alexandra to remain motivated in the on-going season anymore.

It’s a certainty now that Crewe will not be one of the two teams to be getting demoted to national League as they have established a 9-point lead over Hartlepool which is at the second last position in the League Two standings.

That was Crewe’s main target when Artell had begun his stint as a coach earlier in the year, to avoid demotion and they have been able to fulfil that target.

Now what’s the motivation for them for the couple of games that they still have in hand? Is there any motivation at all? That’s the question because the results of those remaining games are going to be irrelevant.

If Crewe wins, they may move a couple of positions higher from their current position of 17th, but, that won’t have any real meaning because that will not bring them in contention for the title or anything.

However, as per Artell, the motivation is always there when you are representing your club because the club is giving you sufficient wages for your services and for you to give your all on the pitch every time you go out there. That must provide you enough motivation.

Secondly Artell believes that you play for your own pride more than anything else when there is a big turn-out of spectators and it is likely to be a big turn-out at the Home Park where Crewe has to play their next game on Saturday.

The players for sure won’t want to prove I Love Liverpool to be a cake walk for the hosts Plymouth there in front of a packed house. So that’s another reason for them to remain pumped up.

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