Crewe Alexandra Actimel Advert

By , June 7, 2011 2:52 pm

Crewe Alex Video clip Rating: five / 5

25 Responses to “Crewe Alexandra Actimel Advert”

  1. fromYourSide says:

    Too much sugar in it, not healthy. Eat more regular Yoghurt.

  2. Demilieee says:

    @neongoalpost thats gresty road, you can tell by the stand.

  3. 1978nwuk says:

    Lol@ Basford Hall.

  4. lollollolems says:

    when i saw this i couldn’t believe it CREWE ADVERT WTF

  5. UncontrollableTechno says:

    Yes Crewe

  6. SuperSpots1 says:

    i live on bedford street

  7. basfordhall says:

    poor old bobby died shortly after filming that advert,he couldnt believe what a shit hole crewe was and was threatened with a re make

  8. kellyh5291 says:

    yay! lol i told ma twin it was bedford street get in!!!!

  9. adam91cafc says:

    nah john brayford by the looks

  10. VerboseThread says:

    Hahaha, didn’t quite work out like that though did it, trainspotter?

  11. raptor1rules says:

    at 0:19 you can see the crewe kit, is that Luke Varney in the background when someone gets tackled?

  12. hawxfgj says:

    yeaahhh our 30 seconds of fame.. ever… forever.. yeahhh

  13. cardclashers says:

    Yes. It is. Because there is an Air Products Stand, caitinlouise.

  14. blakey1992cafc says:

    its crewe you daft inbred

  15. caitlinlouise1995 says:

    ;o its in sunderland!!!!! im from there!!! woo go us!!

  16. rickibrereton says:

    lol I KNEW this was the Alex-I live round the corner from here but my Mum was like “No it isnt-we would have seen the camera crew” lol silly cow, cheers for clearing that up and giving me something to lord over my Mother! lol x

  17. elworthfoxed says:

    viva thordarson viva thordarson holland fucked it up but were staying up viva thordarson

  18. gradicafc says:

    charlton loves the alex he does!!

  19. mattd1uk says:

    yep im near the scout shop cant see my hous but definatly bedford street woop woop

  20. shaft121 says:

    Love this advert. The first few seconds are filmed on Bedford Street, and my house can be seen in the first 2 seconds. I can definitely confirm that this is at the Alex.

  21. watsonator1999 says:

    get in, yet another quality win for county! scfc thru and thru

  22. chloeisdedgd says:

    I’m from Crewe and saw this being filmed :L
    since when do we have a hot dog stand out side the alex ? o.O loll

  23. arsenalgoon4eva says:

    w00t im from crewe and this is probably the most famous we will ever be.

  24. 357643 says:

    3-0 to county that game

  25. Chick6517 says:

    Dude, two thumbs up! thanks for uploading this video it was great.