Best Drunk Southend Football Fan! – Southend United Vs Crewe Alexandra JPT Final 2013

By , July 23, 2013 4:19 am

Crewe Alex Movie Ranking: five / 5

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12 Responses to “Best Drunk Southend Football Fan! – Southend United Vs Crewe Alexandra JPT Final 2013”

  1. lukebeatonCAFC vids says:

    Out sung by 10,000 fans hahaha

  2. FQAC1 says:

    to be fair, you can hear us quite clearly on the video.

  3. tuttersnutters says:

    I think it’s unfair to say the crewe fans sung anything actually they’re pathetic

  4. michael78mw says:

    Disgraceful, standing up & shouting at a football match!This behaviour has no place at wembley,if he wants to behave like this he should go somewhere more rowdy & passionate like the cinema or library. The F.A. & $ky have done their best to rid football of such behaviour, but sadly a small minority refuse to sit down & shut up. If u want to act like this go to some east european backwater like Germany where they sing wave flags like animals.

  5. Joe Masterson says:

    30,000 southend fans out sung by 9,000 crewe alex fans.. how embarrassing

  6. themorph72 says:

    God, so there was a Southend fan shouting after all…. Who would have known!!

  7. wizmac080 says:

    I have a Video on it

  8. wizmac080 says:

    I have bid on it

  9. wizmac080 says:

    I was there good match but Southend lost

  10. Lewe Benge says:

    Pretty sad you spent one of the biggest games of the season recording a fellow fan.

  11. 33dsg says:

    One of southend’s many retards let loose without his carer for the day

  12. cmrules says:

    What was he like when you should have had a penalty!? lmao